Episode 16

Debunking Pregancy Myths

Published on: 1st July, 2021

We were honored to be joined by Catherine Betances, Education and Outreach Manager of the Take Control Initiative, and Jenny Briggs, MSW, the Program Director from Amplify Tulsa, to help us work through all of the different myths, legends, and unknowns of pregnancy and what we can do to help educate others about them.

Find out more about JAMES Inc. and the Young Parents Advisory Council at https://jamesinc.org/.

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One can talk about parenting and one can talk about what it takes to raise a child while still a teenager, the best way to learn and be educated about this subject is to hear from those parents themselves and the experts who are helping them.
About J.A.M.E.S Inc: The product of Alisa Bell-Davis’ insights and experiences, J.A.M.E.S., Inc. (Just About Mothers Excelling in School) was established in 2006 to encourage and support higher educational aspirations among expecting and parenting teens and adolescents (up to age 24). An early parent herself, Ms. Bell-Davis recognized that completion of secondary education alone was unlikely enough to provide young parents with the opportunities they desired for their children.

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